Campaign: JCPenney #BrinDar

Role: Concept Development / Online Script / Copywriting

No gift cards, no scarves, no sweaters and no diamonds. JCPenney wanted to change the holiday gift game and feature unconventional products as the leading heroes, able to save Christmas in a single credit card sweep. With the help of fashion stylist Kika Rocha we launched a series of playful videos. Whether it's pillows for sleepy dinner guests, headphones for your neighbors or a coin jars to start collecting your relatives' two cents -- Is that a new hair color? When are you getting married? -- JCPenney has the perfect gift for every moment.

We continued the conversation on social media by (gift) tagging celebrities with gifts that commemorated their most memorable moments.

A pressure cooker for Jorge Ramos: Jorge, here's something that can stand the pressure better than Trump.

 A heart rate monitor for Joe Manganiello: Some thing tells us your heart's going to beat a little faster now that you married a Latina.

The Legend cologne for Alejandro González Iñárritu: Congratulations Alejandro on your legendary win! We hear your next movie smells like another victory.

A tent for the Three Kings: For Balthasar, Melchior and Gaspar -- just making sure you get to Bethlehem as the Three Wise Men, and not the Three Tired Men.