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Let me be frank with you before I can be Ana with you: I'm not particularly fond of writing "About" sections. I'll talk about just about everything -- even about using the word "about" four times in a sentence -- before switching the subject to me. 

So I'll start off with this: I'm not the kind of girl who'll use "summer" as a verb and I'm surprisingly bad at cracking eggs. 

And since that wasn't too bad (which is the opposite of what people say when they eat my egg dishes), I'll move on to this: I’m overly curious about everything around me and rely on words and photos to capture it all. I'll use any opportunity to be creative including, but not limited to: doodling on someone else's napkin; photographing bewildered expression of said napkin owner; baking a pie to apologize for the Napkin Doodle Fiasco; tap dancing to distract from any possible egg shells in aforementioned pie, etc.

But enough about me.